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Posted in WinCE with tags on 2015 年 04 月 28 日 by Kun-Yi

SYSINTR_FIRMWARE 目前在WINCE 定義 在 $(WINCEROOT)\public\common\oak\inc\nkintr.h 內,
可以看到下面兩行, 所以實際的值等於 (0x10)

// SYSINTR_DEVICES is the base for any non-OAL system interrupts

// SYSINTR_FIRMWARE is the base for any interrupts defined in the OAL

於是乎 x86 的 Serial port 的 registry 關於 COM2 的設定如下, 其中 “SysIntr"=dword:13 ; 就是這樣來的 0x10(SYSINTR_FIRMWARE) + 3 (IRQ) = 0x13

Subkey Value Description
“SysIntr" dword:13 Hardware-platform-dependent. SYSINTR_FIRMWARE plus the IRQ.
“IoBase" dword:02F8 Hardware-platform-dependent base address of port-mapped I/O.
“IoLen" dword:8 Hardware-platform-dependent I/O space mapping to a virtual address in a memory-mapped I/O system. Notifies the system how much larger the address window is.
“DeviceArrayIndex" dword:0 Serial port that the driver manages. This key specifies the serial adapter that the driver manages. It also specifies the object to use inside the driver DLL. It is only useful for multi-object drivers, such as serial drivers, built-in drivers, and so on. You cannot use this key for single object drivers.
“Prefix" “COM" Entry point prefix. The entry point is constructed from the Prefix value and the name of the entry point. If the driver exposes the stream interface with undecorated entry points, no Prefix value exists.
“Dll" “Serial.Dll" DLL loaded by the bus enumerator.
“Order" dword:0 Value between zero (0) and 255. The smallest Order value gets loaded first. If there is no Ordervalue, the driver loads after drivers with defined Orders.

不過關鍵原因應該是 x86 的 BOOL OALIntrInit (void) 把他寫死了

這個函式定義在 $(WINCEROOT)\platform\common\src\x86\common\intr\init.c
不過 Adeneo Embedded 的BSP 實際上有 overwrite 在 $(WINCEROOT)\platform\INTEL_CS\SRC\COMMON\PDQOAL\intr\init.c

// Serial Port Info
// The legacy COM port layout defines IRQ4 being shared by
// COM ports 1 and 3 and IRQ3 is shared COM ports 2 and 4.
// If the legacy IRQ layout is followed, only 1 COM port
// per IRQ should be enabled.
// COM1 – 0x3F8-0x3FF, IRQ4
// COM2 – 0x2F8-0x3FF, IRQ3
// COM3 – 0x3E8-0x3EF, IRQ4
// COM4 – 0x2E8-0x2EF, IRQ3
// IRQ3 – COM2 or COM4
OALIntrStaticTranslate(SYSINTR_FIRMWARE + 3, 3);

// IRQ4 – COM1 or COM3
OALIntrStaticTranslate(SYSINTR_FIRMWARE + 4, 4);


Touch Driver Architecture change on Windows Embedded Compact 7

Posted in Driver, WinCE with tags , on 2014 年 03 月 31 日 by Kun-Yi

這幾天又開始轉弄WINCE OS 的porting, 這次的任務是在 CedarTrail 上要 跑 WEC7, BSP 還是使用 Adeneo Embedded 所提供的, 根據前兩年做過的經驗, 很快就 Booting 成功了, Azalia Audio codec 這次換成 ALC269, 也稍微改一下就正常工作了,

但本來不預期會出意外的Touch Controller 卻不會動, 經過一早努力才發現, 原來 WEC7 把Touch Driver 的結構修改過了, 從以前單純的 PDD/MDD 結構, 又更一步把介面抽象化, 分成了 Touch Proxy 與 Touch Driver, Touch Driver 現在改成標準的 Steram Driver(但是還維持PDD/MDD結構) 更上層與系統GWES介面的改成單純由 Touch Proxy Driver 負責. 詳細的內容請參考MSDN 上的 Touch Driver Architecture 因應這個修改 Registry 需相應修改

Note: WinCE 5.0 SNTP Services

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registry file “WINCE500\PUBLIC\SERVERS\OAK\FILES\servers.reg"   thought platform.reg override it.

Work Note:Modify Resource in WinCE

Posted in WinCE on 2012 年 08 月 26 日 by Kun-Yi

這篇一定要寫下來, 不然可能下次要搞又要弄好久 T_T

  1. 首先用 ResHacker, extract 需要改語系的 XXX.RES (英文除外, 因為該死的微軟已經提供了0409語系的 .RC) 到某個Folder, 假設他叫作 XXX.RC
  2. 編輯剛剛得到的 XXX.RC檔案, 首先加上 #include <windows.h>
  3. 打開build window, 切換到該目錄 打 rc.exe /i%_PUBLICROOT%\common\sdk\inc /n XXX.rc 看看有沒有問題, 如果有問題通常是 HOTKEY 那邊 VK_A, VK_B, VK_C, 直接改成 “A", “B", “C" 即可! (/n 是重點, 因為WinCE內的程式基本上假定Resource 本身是C string type)
  4. 看看是否需要合併多個以上的.RES 為一個 透過 res2res.exe XXX.res yyy.res /fo zzz.res, 這樣就可以得到最終 zzz.res
  5. 將所需的 zzz.res 擺到 %_TARGETPLATROOT%\FILES\<LANGID> 下面, 這樣當Build script 跑到 “Copy Files to Release directory" 時, 會正確的覆蓋WINCE prebuilt 的 zzz.res, 這樣當makeimg 時, 就會正確連結修改過的 .RES了

WorkNote: a Debug message dump, Intel N450 with WEC7 Platform

Posted in Driver, OAL, WinCE on 2012 年 04 月 09 日 by Kun-Yi

1. ACPI provide RAM size to CE kernel.
2. Due to Original code just discover ‘zero’ codec, so the InitHDA() always return failed. And the DiscoverCodec() still have a little bug,  so you need to patch it! May be still need added your codec ID into CheckcodecFG().

Debug Serial Init

SysInit: GDTBase=82acb000 IDTBase=82acf700 KData=82a85800
Windows CE Kernel for i486
INFO:OALLogSetZones: dpCurSettings.ulZoneMask: 0xb
PCIInitConfigMechanism():ucConfigMechanism 0x1
InitKitlNIC: Searching for PCI Ethernet NIC (dwIrq = 0, dwIoBase = 0, dwDfltType = 0) …
Intel(R) Ethernet Gigabit KITL driver [Build: Apr  9 2012  14:34:00]
InitKitlNIC: skipping unknown PCI Ethernet NIC: (subclass=0, Vendor=10EC, Device=8168)
Intel(R) Ethernet Gigabit KITL driver [Build: Apr  9 2012  14:34:00]
InitKitlNIC: skipping unknown PCI Ethernet NIC: (subclass=0, Vendor=10EC, Device=8168)
Intel(R) Ethernet Gigabit KITL driver [Build: Apr  9 2012  14:34:00]
InitKitlNIC: skipping unknown PCI Ethernet NIC: (subclass=0, Vendor=10EC, Device=8168)
Intel(R) Ethernet Gigabit KITL driver [Build: Apr  9 2012  14:34:00]
InitKitlNIC: skipping unknown PCI Ethernet NIC: (subclass=0, Vendor=10EC, Device=8168)
 x86InitMemory(): dwAcpiPHYS = 0x3F5CD627
x86InitMemory(): dwRamEndPHYS = 0x20000000
x86InitMemory(): dwRamTop(1)= 0xc0000000
Using ACPI location to determine RAM size
ACPI Tables found at 0x3f5cd627
RAM reported to kernel 1013MB
x86InitMemory():g_pOemGlobal->dwMainMemoryEndAddress = 0xa0000000
Found ACPI but it was located above 512MB at 1013MBIDE deviceId = 0x2828

disLegacyUsbSupport LPC deviceId=0x2815 PMBase=0x1000
+ disLegacyUsbSupport for ICH8M
– disLegacyUsbSupport for ICH8M

PID:00400002 TID:00410002  Found ACPI but it was located above 512MB at 1013MBReserve KITL IRQ: No IRQ reserved, KITL polling mode was specified
PID:00400002 TID:00510002 WARNING: COM1: has been reserved exclusively for Debug Messages.VBridge:: VB_INITIALIZED returns [0]
PID:00400002 TID:00A40006 HDA::InitHardware: InitHDA() failed

Note: WEC7 MP(SMP) OAL Function

Posted in OAL, WinCE on 2012 年 04 月 03 日 by Kun-Yi
  1. OEMInitInterlockedFunctions, Kernel(in NKstub library) provide a general version for all CPU architecture, when need specific interlock
  2. OEMMpPerCPUInit, Run on AP(Application Processor) will run the function first when kernel initialization.
  3. OEMMpStartAllCPUs, Run on BSP (BootStrap Processor) to start all AP, when start SMP
  4. OEMSendIPI, Send an interprocessor interrupt
  5. OEMIdleEx, Places the CPUs in the idle state when there are no threads ready to run
  6. OEMMpCpuPowerFunc, Optional Function, for turning off secondary CPUs to save power.
  7. OEMIpiHandler, Optional Function, Platform Specific IPI Handler


SMP Functions
CPU Dependencies for OAL funcitons
OMAP4 for Linux SMP support functions
Linux ARM arch SMP

Note: FreeDOS with WEC7 loadcepc.exe

Posted in WinCE on 2012 年 03 月 27 日 by Kun-Yi

LoadCEPC.exe need a XMS memeory manager support!

The XMS memory size need large than OS image size (if use RAM IMAGE type)

Today I testing WEC7 on CedarTrail platfrom with FreeDOS/Loadcepc Boot, BIOS Vendor: AMI/Phoenix

FreeDOS need setting the below parameters




loadcepc.exe /L:800x600x16 NK.BIN

HIMEMX.EXE is v3.32