Note: Trip Adviors review not all truest

Because my friend on

wrote a comments about trip bad things, but always has someone to delete the review

the below from my friend comment about “Nepal Hiking Adventure company"

I am single female solo traveller. I traveled to EBC by using Nepal hiking adventure service.
During trekking, I fired the guide from Nepal hiking adventure because he harrassed me, left me alone walking in the wild and he disappeared, not bring down jacket to mountain so he was sick, his shoes doesn’t fit his feet and not bring duffel bag per contract…etc. I feel so disappointed.

1. I fired that guide because of his misbehavior and the travel agent should have replaced with a new guide at namche bazzar but they sent me a porter who can’t speak any english at all. In the end I found a guide by myself to continue the trip.

2. For the day I did not travel with this agent, this agent only returned me 2250 ruby per day, which is really little compare to what I paid to them and this was not my fault not able to travel with them.

3. Whenever I questioned the agent why they sent me this awful guide. The boss always said he can’t make sure the guide behave well and know what to bring to the mountains.

4. Because the agent’s incapable to assist, I need to report what happened to me to tourist police and tourism board in Nepal myself.

I paid the tour through agent is because I want to be secure but the whole trip I did not feel safe.
The agent should be capable to screen a good guide and make sure the safety of their tourist.


this company :

update 2: other travelers bad feel comment


I had the EBC trek with Nepal Hiking Adventure Company, please be aware of some issues below:

1. I paid for 16 days, but when I discussed the trekking itinerary with my guide, he thought the trekking is 15 days only, and apparently the boss Bishnu only paid him for 15-day salary.
After I went back to KTM, the boss said the guide is always confused and remembered wrongly. The guide did so much and he is the one who accompanied me during the trekking, so I think Bishnu shouldn’t treat him like that.

2. There are 2 nights (he invited me for dinner) & 1 morning (to pass me something) that Bishnu supposed to meet me, but he didn’t show up and never inform me.

3. I had mountain sickness, Bishnu mentioned he already liaised with insurance company and he could arrange for helicopter evacuation, I don’t have to worry anything.
After I was evacuated and then discharged from hospital, one day they brought me to the helicopter company office, and mentioned the insurance company don’t pay them.
I called the insurance company and found that actually they didn’t inform and never get any approval from insurance company for this arrangement.
The helicopter boss said “I don’t care, I just want the money!", although obviously this is their arrangement problem.
At the end I didn’t pay for it because they asked for US$5000 after “discount", and luckily they let me go.



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