Note: MQX411 with FRDM-K64F Starting guide

  1. download your toolchain from, currently support gcc 4.8 2014q1update(MQX tested on this version, see MQX411 release note ), but we support others version gcc 4.8 2014q3update and gcc 4.9 2014q4
  2.  git clone
  3. modify GCC_REV and TOOLCHAIN_ROOTDIR in MQX411/build/comm/global.mak or MQX411/ to your toolchain version & location
  4. run ‘source’ or  ‘.’
  5. cd MQX411/build/frdmk64f/make
  6. run ./ then waiting until finish, the step for compiling kernel code
  7. cd MQX411/demo/web_hvac/build/make/web_hvac_frdmk64f
  8. run ./ then waiting until finish, the step for compiling application & link kernel
  9. cd ./gcc_arm/intflash_release
  10. elf2bin web_havc_frdmk64f  # we will get web_havc_frdmk64.bin
  11. cp2med web_havc_frdmk64 # will download the  binary file to FRDM-K64F


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