Note: Intel defined an ACPI _DSM for Android power button event on x86 platform

_DSM Parameters
Arg0(Buffer) : UUID : “9c355bcb-35fa-44f7-8a67-447359c36a03″
Arg1(Integer): Revision: 0
Arg2(Integer): Function Index :
0: PWRB_PROBE, detect support power button state method
1: PWRB_REGISTER, enable/register Power button release notify
2: PWRB_LEVEL, get current level of power button
Arg3(package): NULL

Return of Function index
Function 0: PWRB_PROBE
Type: Buffer,
return a bitmask of supported functions as a buffer. Return a failure here as 0:
method not present or not function correctly means “no functions support"

bit 0: supported PWRB_REGISTER(DSM notify)
bit 1: supported PWRB_LEVEL (DSM polling)
Just need support one method, if all support OS driver will use DSM notify method.

Type: Integer,
0 is success register a support control method power button device.
Notify(PWRB_Obj, 0x80) // 0x80 for press state
Notify(PWRB_Obj, 0xC0) // 0xC0 for release state

Function 2: PWRB_LEVEL
Type: Integer,
1 or 0,  return 1 when press button , others return 0



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