Compiling Qt 4.6.3 source code x86 target with MSVC2005

1. Download from QtSoftware

2. Extra the files to a directory, like D:Qt4.6.3

3. Prepare DirectX and DirectShow header and library, I use dxsdk_aug2005(DirectX 9.0c) dxsdk_feb2005_extras (Extra, DirectShow), Get them from Microsoft Download center

4. Modify line 134 in Qt4.6.3srccorelibtoolsqscopedpointer.h, to work around VC 2005 SP1 bugs

inline T *data() const
    return (this->d);

original version

inline T *data() const
    return d;

5. Open “Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt” & Add DirectX/DirectShow header/library path to environment variable INCLUDE/LIB (run dx_setenv.cmd in DirectXUtilitiesBin)

6. Run configure.exe in Qt4.6.3

7. Run nmake

8. Sometime will failed in buildtime, some .pch will fatal and error. delete it and run nmake again.


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