Note: some Group & Segment defined in P-Code

Major Groups in the below
  • BCG, BIOS Code Group
  • RCG, Run Time Code Group
  • PCG, POST Code Group
  • PMCG, Power Management Code Group
  • SMMCG, POwer Management Code Group for 32bit SMI
  • SRCG, USB Code Group
  • NCG, Node Code Group
  • PSCG, Pre-Shadow Code Group
  • PCSG, Splash Screen Group
  • SCG, Silicon Code Group
A Group include most segments into single 64KB Block,  Calls bwtween groups must be FAR
Segment own independent attributes and can be up to 64KB
BCG is not disposed
    • biosSegment, Not Compressed
    • postSegment, Note Compressed
    • runtimeSegment, Compressed, near calls
    • compatSegment, Original 8KB( 0FE000h – FFFFFh) BIOS code, compressed, fixed locations
    • orgSegment, BCG start segment, Used to push code to top of F000h segment during build process
    • regTableSegment, Hold register table
    • bcpSegment, Hold all BCP structures
    • latePostSegment, For compatible concern, not disposed anymore
PCG, All PCG code are compressed and are disppsed after POST
    • postSegmentFar, Far call, CDR, late POST code
    • acpiSegment, ACPI related code
    • oemPostSegmentFar, Far calls
PMCG, compressed, not disposed, floating code
    • pmCodeSegment, Hold All power management code
    • pmDataSegment, Data storage
    • MISER.ROM (A, B Segment)
SMMCG, compressed, not disposed, floating code
    • smmCodeSegment, Holds all 32-bit power management code
    • smmDataSegment, Data storage
    • SMI.ROM
RCG, compressed, not disposed, far calls, extend code to 0E000h segment, PCI 32bits cannot be outside of the 0F000h segments
SRCG, Mainly USB legacy suppoty
NCG, Node function code, compressed, floating code
PSCG, Not compressed, holds disposable code before shadowing, disposed after shadowing


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