Note: Download Android/GoldFish Kernel Source from Git repos

About Goldfish


The Android emulator runs a virtual CPU that Google calls Goldfish.
Goldfish executes ARM926T instructions and has hooks for input and output
-- such as reading key presses from or displaying video output in the emulator.
These interfaces are implemented in files specific to the Goldfish emulator
and will not be compiled into a kernel that runs on real devices.

My Chinese translation
Android 的模擬器是執行在一個虛擬機上, Google 稱它為 Goldfish.
Goldfish 可以執行ARM926T指令集和攔截輸出/輸入, 例如模擬器的按鍵按下與影像輸出,
這些介面是由Goldfish 特定檔案實現, 而不是被編譯到Kernel內,透過實際的裝置上執行.

取得 Goldfish 的Kernel Source code, 目前是版本是 2.6.29

git clone git://

~/gitrepos/mydroid/kernel/common$ git branch -a
* android-2.6.27
  remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/android-2.6.27
kunyi@kunyi:~/gitrepos/mydroid/kernel/common$ git checkout origin/android-goldfish-2.6.29
Checking out files: 100% (17574/17574), done.
Note: moving to ‘origin/android-goldfish-2.6.29’ which isn’t a local branch
If you want to create a new branch from this checkout, you may do so
(now or later) by using -b with the checkout command again. Example:
  git checkout -b <new_branch_name>
HEAD is now at 7ca5167… [ARM] goldfish: Add scheduling class support to configs



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