Note: Download Android source need some init steps.

Test on Ubuntu 9.10, use git 1.6.x

you can to follow the step by step document.

but the document lose a few import steps.  you will get the following response.

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
fatal: cannot obtain manifest git://

you need to add ~/bin to $PATH variables

$ cd ~
$ mkdir bin
  $ PATH=$PATH:~/bin
$ echo $PATH

And Git need to configaration user information. follow these steps:

$ git config –global “your name"
$ git config –global “your mail"
$ git config –global color.diff  auto # need to check your terminator
$ git config –global color.branch auto
$ git config –global color.status auto

the configuration will generation a .gitconfig files in user folder, can use any text editor to modify it.

use apt-get to install java5 need add these lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list (note: can modify url(http://us.archive…..) to match your area)

deb jaunty multiverse
deb jaunty-updates multiverse


對「Note: Download Android source need some init steps.」的想法

  1. hi David, I guess have more more people want to fetch android 2.0. so server loading to heavy! (I pull it has a week along just finish at now), suggest to use a auto-retry bash script.a example script like the following#!/bin/bashecho "======start repo sync======"repo syncwhile [ $? = 1 ]; do echo "======sync failed, re-sync again======" sleep 3 # delay 3 second to retry. repo syncdone

  2. Hi ,
    Thank you for this post !
    I tried to follow these steps but failed in the first step with the initialization of the git server. So after several attempts I conclude that the problem is at the server side , and it was that, in fact from August 28th the repo servers were hacked!
    for further informations on this you can take a look at in the site news section !


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