How do convert a string/double type variable on WinCE 5.0 base or later

have a friend ask me how do convert a string/double variable. I think that very simple work.But WinCE is an Unicode Operation System.

You can see the following demo code

// declare test variables.

CString val = L"123457879.103241354131412";
double test = 0.0;
double test1 = 123457879.103241354131412;
TCHAR buf[256];

test = wcstod((const TCHAR*)val,NULL);                 // convert a string to double variable.
//swscanf((const TCHAR*)val,  L"%.20G",   &test);  // it’s fine, but I like ‘wcstod’ (wide char string to double)

swprintf(buf, L"%.20G", test);                                  // convert a double to string buffer.
this->GetDlgItem(IDC_EDIT1)->SetWindowText(buf);  // get an Edit1 controller for MFC Diag base applicaiton


download: a Demo code on Pocket2003 Emulator.(need VS2005/MFC)


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