Windows CE installable Interrupt service mechanism

Windows Embedded CE 4 or late has an Installable interrupt service mechanism. Microsoft implement a GIISR driver to support the feature, you can found out source code under ‘%WINCE%PUBLICCOMMONOAKDRIVERS" directory.

The function beginning to call HANDLE LoadIntChainHandler( LPCWSTR lpFilename, LPCWSTR lpszFunctionName, BYTE bIRQ ) in your device drivers, usually it like "LoadIntChainHander(L"GIISR.DLL", L"ISRHandler", nIrqNum)". when use the function equal you to written following code.

hLib = LoadLibrary(L"GIISR.DLL")

pFunc = GetProcAddress(hLibName, L"ISRHandle");


Each Platform/BSP own an "OEMInterruptHandler" required OAL function. It handling hardware interrupt and mapping to OS interrupt service routine, so you can found to call DWORD NKCallIntChain( BYTE irq ) in the function, if the platform implement "installable interrupt service" feature. it translation IRQ to SysIntr and trigger interrupt event.

Device driver should to create a monitor thread for interrupt event. The thread call "IST"(Interrupt Service Thread) usually like below code pattern.




while (bDrvISTRunning)


         WaitForSingleObject(drvISTEvent, INFINITE);

         // get a interrupt event




so you must be create a event object to bind ISR and IST.

ref. below figure


online help has more infomation.

However you still to use  static interrupt translation method to implement intterrupt service.


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