Note : Using Atmel AVR basic tips

1. Check using type default & how to selection configuration fuses. reading datesheet

like to following, infomation from ATMega48/88/168 datasheet

CKSEL3-0 : Clock Source Selector, default : "0010" (Calibrated Internal RC Oscillator), ref. section 7.2 of datasheet

CKDIV8  : default "0", so default CLKPR(Clock Prescale Register) is "0011", equ. divide 8.

SUT1-0 : Start up time, default "10", power on has 65ms+ 14 clock time to reset. ref. section 7.6 of datasheet.

so factory default setting of ATMega48 is operation at 1MHz, Internal RC Oscillator, slowly reset time

All fuse default setting has a table at section 26.2 of datasheet.


2. Programming tools

high voltage paraller programming

In Circuit System programming

3. WinAVR  is a complete GCC compiler solution for is free and easy use.



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