Work: Modify PXA27x/WinCE 5 base Wake-up source step

the function depend your CPU/Platfrom/OAL function,

below modify at my platform BSP(Mainstone/PXA27x base, it is PQOAL Architecture)

1. study pwrbutton(Power Button) function implement.

2. it is a stream driver has a interrupt in my bsp, so first to %paltform%kerneloal, can found intr.c/power.c

the step need read CPU datasheet, to know register setting how do.

3. Modify BSPPowerOff() due to system api OEMPowerOff() has call it

4. Modify BSPSetWakeSrc() due to KernelIoControl(IOCTL_HAL_ENABLE_WAKE, …) has call it

5. Modify BSPGetWakeSrc()

6. Modify BSPIntrInit()/BSPIntrEnableIrq()/BSPIntrDisableIrq()/BSPIntrDoneIrq()/BSPIntrActiveIrq()/ to add wake-up interrupt/event, other CPU can find OAL interrupt function.


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