Note: Windows CE 5 Platform Builder operating step.

Windows CE 5 Platform Builder operating step.

1. Install Platform Builder 5.0

choice your env. and install directory.

2. Copy/Install BSP to %WINCE_ROOT%Platform

3. Copy yourself workspace to %WINCE_ROOT%PBWorkspaces"

first create "PBWorkspaces" directory to %WINCE_ROOT%, copy workspace files to here.

4.-Click menu "File/Manage Catalog Item" to add your BSP catalog item.

5. Choose menu "Build OS/Clean Before Building", and Click menu "Build OS/Sysgen"

Starting sysgen each module/component for your choose.

6. Wait  building until finish.


Update Windows CE monthly from Microsoft website.

7. re-sysgen


PS.don’t choose "Clean Before Buliding" if you want "Build & Sysgen". Because Windows CE 5 not publish all source code then you can not re-genaration all librarys/modules/components, so must be careful the action.



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