Work Todo: NXP ISP1761

ISP1761 and PXA270 connection on Windows CE 5.0

  1. Read Datasheet of ISP1761/USB 2.0 Spec./EHCI 1.0 Spec, go to NXP/Intel/USB org  website get documents.
  2. Check schematic and inteface to PXA27x. cowork with HW engineer.
  3. How to configuration PXA27x DMA and ISP1761 PIO Mode. (read PXA27x datasheet)
  4. Suspend/Resume issues, How to reinitialization HCD driver on WinCE 5.0 platform.
  5. optimization USB throughput.

Now, start step 1 at June 15 2007.


對「Work Todo: NXP ISP1761」的想法

  1. data transfer rate is very low on PXA270/ISP1761 use a default WinCE/Linux driver.
    currently I pending the work. if anyone want optimazation.
    1. not enable SOF Interrupt
    2. check Client Driver and PTD data transfer method and bandwidth. (using DMA to transfer is better)

  2. Hi. how are you?

    My name is LimChulHoo. do you remember me?

    I ported ISP1761 on my Linux PXA270 Board.

    It’s data transfer rate is about 47MB. I think, It’s very nice. thanks for your advice.

    I wish to make a request.

    I am porting Windows CE on my PXA board.

    but I havn’t ISP1761  Windows CE device driver.

    can you give me the ISP1761 device driver?

    I contect to NXP. but NXP did not supported to me. Because I don’t bought the ISP1761 chips from NXP.

    Help me please…

    wait for your reply.  thank you.



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