Note, PTZ Controlller Decode Part 5

在 Pelco-D / Pelco-P 的 命令下
任何一個Action Command 執行完後須要使用 Stop Command 停止前一個命令
下載(Download) My Test Program , or visit GitHub
implement Pelco-D and Pelco-P basic function, using C# and .Net 2.0
<tag>雲台, 測試, Windows </tag>
Kalate KID-312 protocol format
0x40(‘@’), Function, S100, S10, S1
STX, 0x40
Function:  is a ASCII char. start function when it upper case, stop when lower case.
  • ‘L’, ‘l’/ ‘R’, ‘r’   —  Pan Left/Right,
  • ‘U’, ‘u’/’D’, ‘d’  —  Tilt Up/Down,
S100, S10, S1 is Address using ASCII ‘0’ ~ ‘9’ like ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘1’, is Address 1
and Kalate must continuous send(repeat) command, automation stop if PTZ Camera not receive command over 250 ~ 300ms.


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