Windows Mobile 6 SDK 在哪?

Windows Mobile 在3GSM 展場上正式發表,因此有一個疑問那 Windows Mobile 6 SDK 從哪裡得到?
關於這個問題 M$ 有人出來回答了,基本上就是現在可以還是先使用 Windows Mobile 5 SDK 先作開發(這個基本上Windows Mobile 6還是跟 Windows Mobile 5 一樣,使用 Windows Embedded CE 5.0 Kernel,最大的不同是UI改為跟Windows Vista 具有相同的Style),所以想當然爾大部分的程式可以直接在Windows Mobile 6 上執行),如果想要測試在Windows Mobile 6的環境跑起來會有啥不同,可以使用Emulator,但是Windows Mobile 6 的 Emulator 是在Windows Mobile 6 的 SDK 裡面一起發行。
所以回到原來問題上是說 May. 1 2007, M$ 會正式發行 Windows Mobile 6 的 SDK
根據網友 Heresy 的提供 Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK, M$曾經短暫的提供過

Where are the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?

Since we announced Windows Mobile 6 at 3GSM last Monday, a couple of people have asked me "where are the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?".  The good news is that for most developers, their existing Windows Mobile 5.0 application will just work on Windows Mobile 6* and you can use the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK to build your Windows Mobile 6 applications.  Of course, smart developers will want to test their applications on Windows Mobile 6 before they say they support Windows Mobile 6 and the easiest way to do that is using a Windows Mobile 6 emulator image!  Where are the emulator images?  In the Windows Mobile 6 SDK of course!  So that brings us back to the original question, when can you get hold of the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?

The answer : March 1st

james 有了回應

# re: Where are the Windows Mobile 6 SDKs?

Thursday, February 15, 2007 2:19 PM by jamespr

Is there anything "wrong" with the SDK if you downloaded it while it was published : No, if you have that SDK installed it should be fine.  I’ll post back here if the version that’s posted on 3/1 is different than the one you have now.

If the SDK is ready, why isn’t it published now : We have a commitment to the Microsoft Partner Program members to deliver the SDK early.  It’s available to MSPP partners today and will be available to everyone on 3/1.

When are devices available : See the 3GSM press release, it says by the 2nd quarter of 07.  (Link :

Exhaustive list of "things to do to be a well written app" : I’m doing a presentation at MEDC with our app compat PM to cover this topic.  The list I gave here is a good start.  My other tips are 1) Avoid coding direct to specific hardware.  If your code has branches for specific devices it’s going to be hard to get it to run across many different devices.  I see this around keyboards, screens and bluetooth/wifi,  2) Don’t code to particular screen resolutions, make your app adapt to the screen it finds itself on.

Refresh SDK for April 1st (subject to change!) : Should include an updated set of docs, will link out to a couple of Line Of Business app dev resources, includes a new Smartphone Landscape emulator, new emulator images based on our latest code base which will support basic AJAX applications



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