iPhone Chipset Vendor

某人的 Blog 上有看到這個, iPhone的 Chip  供應商名單, Baseband 用的是我不熟的 Infineon, 看來Infineon 的半導體部門可以翻身了

巴隆金融雜誌已經揭露 iPhone 裡頭的晶片供應商名單:Report: Samsung, CSR, Infineon, Marvell Winners in Apple iPhone, Broadcom, Nvidia, Losers

Our checks at [the Consumer Electronics Show] and through the Apple supply chain have provided us with additional clarity as to the silicon suppliers to the new iPhone. We believe Infineon will supply the baseband. Samsung will provide a combined applications/video processor. We believe Broadcom will provide a touch screen controller (about $2 per unit content), but NOT the video processor. Marvel will provide the 802.11 chip (about $3 – $5 content), and Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) will provide the Bluetooth chip. Our checks indicate that Apple has provided a current 2007 forecast of 6 million units to its contract manufacturer, and that manufacturer is able to provide 50% upside to that forecast if necessary, putting the current 2007 unit forecast at 6 million – 9 million units.

iPhone Chipset Vendor




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