Windows 系統內的 PE 工具函式

研究 Microsoft PE(Portable Excutable) Format 時,倘若需要寫一些Tools 來hack 時,在Windows 9x 下可以使用Imagehlp.dll 內的一些函式,而Windows 2000 開始則建議改用 Dbghelp.dll。詳細內容參閱 MSDN
底下轉自 MSDN 的內容

Platform SDK: Debugging and Error Handling

Image Help Library

This overview describes the function set provided by the ImageHlp DLL. These functions allow you to work with a portable executable (PE) image.

Warning  Starting with Windows 2000, you can no longer redistribute the ImageHlp DLL that is included with the operating system. A subset of the functions have been moved to a DLL that is redistributable. Existing applications will continue to work because ImageHlp uses forwarders to call into the new DLL. However, these applications should be modified to use the new DLL. For more information, see Debug Help Library.

看到上面的警告標語自Windows 2000起, 將不能依賴ImageHelp,應改用DbgHelp.dll,下面是 Debug Help Library 的 MSDN 內容

Platform SDK: Debugging and Error Handling

Debug Help Library

This overview describes the function set provided by the debug help library, DbgHelp. It contains a set a debugging support routines that allow you to work with executable images in the portable executable (PE) format.

The DbgHelp documentation is as follows:

For a description of the PE format, download the specification from the following location: For more information on DIA, see the Debug Interface Access SDK in the Visual Studio .NET documentation.



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